Monday, May 23, 2011

The Plan is Laid.

It's happening: we're moving! Closing is June 15th and we'll be signing the documents with a big ole' moving van in the parking lot. The next months will be a time of transition for this here blog, the first changes will be apparent by later this week, if i can get to them in between box hunting and packing. The week of our move will either be silent or serve as a travel diary across I-10 and up past Pheonix and Reno. Once we're quasi settled I will be focusing my content toward the differences in climate, new challenges with Pocket in strange surroundings and more 'fun stuff' such as backpacking routes and camping destinations.

still straight - love this valley, want to move here (n nevada)
The road ahead of us: Northern Nevada.

My husband and i will be fervently hunting for jobs in the Willamette valley while living down south, so we'll be traveling quite a bit- for work and for pleasure, and i plan on documenting many of our trips to write up reviews on our destinations. Who says a food/gardening blogger can't become a travel writer? I think it will be great! When finally we find our forever home/farm, this blog will renew in earnest with a new name and the same mission in a more rural setting. Less an urban homestead, i hope to find a proper homestead with plenty of acres to spread out and really get to all the projects on our docket from expanded gardens, to assorted livestock, to orchards and hard cider. I'm getting very excited for all the changes, and i hope you'll follow our adventure north.

In the meantime, i have more garlic to braid, cuttings to tend to and whole ingredients needing to be utilized before i pack up the kitchen. This Austin homestead is filling up with boxes, but the kitchen gear and garden tools will be the last to go into one.

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