Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day, everyone. This holiday doesn't stand out a ton for me, as i try to live sustainably and sensitive to the planet's finite resources every day - but it's a good opportunity to educate those who aren't as active in conservation or aware of the simple steps everyone can take to make this planet we all share a better place.

My childhood front yard.

I grew up in rural southern Oregon, where "environmentalist" was a dirty word and i was treated with some disdain by students and teachers alike. My passion for the environment and its inhabitants was seen as a threat to their livelihoods. The bumper sticker "save a logger, eat an owl" (in reference to the endangered Spotted Owl) was not uncommon and many an argument was ended with me sniffling in frustration at the hard hardheadedness of my fellow Merrillites. Since then, i have become very hesitant to debate about my passions. I have a hard time verbalizing my thoughts quickly and concisely and thus avoid heated conversations. I try to teach by example, though and i hope that this blog can touch a few lives and encourage more people to take the little steps, as well as some big ones to live in a manner that is sustainable.

Our little planet has finite resources and is habitat to many, not just us human animals. Please respect all life. Please allow all life to have the same access to essential resources. Please use only what you need. Please leave the spaces you pass through cleaner and more full of life than when you first entered them. Please observe Earth Day every day, because despite my love of Star Trek: this is the only planet we have and when we use it up it's not just 'the other guys' who will be out of a home. We're all in this together, across country lines, religious boundaries, continents, and across all species from algea to elephant seals. We need each other, we all fill roles in our niches, and it's important to fill those rolls positively and allow others to do the same.

Fungi in Davy Crockett National Forest

Will you be taking any extra steps towards environmental nurturing on this Earth Day?

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