Monday, March 7, 2011

March is Real Food Challenge Month!

We started it out here at the Homestead with a bang: Scratch Angel Food Cake for my birthday! No, we did not separate a dozen of the girls' eggs for the whites. Yes, we broke down and purchased packaged egg whites.... But it was either that or buy a box of stinkin' Duncin Hines' pre-mix. I was not about to do that! My husband and i enjoyed the adventure of baking something neither of us had ever attempted. It didn't turn out perfect, but it was definitely delicious. I seriously think i've gained 5 pounds since last week. How do some people just eat whatever they want and not turn into blimps? I go to the gym 6 days a week and just barely keep my weight in control. Grrrr..... Just another reason for us to get a larger piece of property that needs constant attention and trouncing over.

But anyway, this post is about revelling in delicious food, not obsessing about my weight. So without further ado, our Angel Food Cake Attempt. Thanks to Alton Brown for the recipe, and here's how it turned out:

I served it with some Meyer Lemon juice mixed with a little powdered sugar for my birthday, and frozen with some raspberries and more lemon juice the next night. So. Good. As you can see the top didn't poof all the way - i think i didn't whip the whites enough. Joy of Cooking warned not to over mix, and i was fine with the custardy taste of the not so poofed top. Thanks to my beautiful friend Mandy Sue for the borrowed angel food cake pan - it worked super awesomely.

This post can be found at the Simple Lives Thursday blog hop.

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