Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wholesome Wednesdays: Lemon!

The internet is a buzz with Meyer Lemons lately, and for good reason! My tree has been dropping a fruit or two here and there and i've been concocting some tasty recipes with its delightful juice and zest. Lemons can be stored on the tree for quite some time, so don't feel the need to harvest them all right away. I still have a baggy full of frozen juice from last year's harvest, so i've been more liberal in my 'eat it now' recipes instead of putting it all by for the rest of the year. Two nights ago i cooked some tilapia and mushrooms in a lemon/dill sauce. Today i think i'll try my hands at some lemon scones (i've got baking fever, and just baked up 2 PERFECT whole wheat loaves yesterday! I'm so proud of myself!).

Singers will know that a mix of honey and warm lemon juice is great for a sore throat or a soothing tonic before a performance. This website lists some strange uses and benefits of lemons - i'm not too sure i believe all of them, however. This website addresses the Meyer in particular. If you don't already know, the Meyer lemon is a cross between a regular lemon and a mandarin orange: resulting in a sweeter lemon that is oh, so delicious.

The main health benefit of the tart yet sugary lemon is its high Vitamin C content, plus a teeny bit of protein. One serving of lemon contains 187% Vitamin C! Vitamin C is so good for you because it is a very water soluble anti-oxident that is very effective in the body to fight illness and infections. Vitamin C also combats free radicals that can cause swelling and pain in the body, so it is recommended for those suffering from arthritis.

Other uses for lemon juice include lightening your hair on a sunny day, clearing up achne outbreaks, and cutting grease. You can juice your lemon to drink straight, mix into your favorite naughty beverages or baked goods. Freezing the juice in ice cube trays is an excellent method of long term storage. Don't throw away those rinds: the zest is a delicious addition to any dish and the whole rinds can be dried, candied, or stuck inside a chicken during roasting. Lemons rock, and they're not just good for lemonade!

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