Friday, November 5, 2010

Fall Back - and a Plea For Hot Sauce Advice

Don't forget to set your clocks back this Sunday! (or technically Saturday night)

I will be happy to have my 6 ams a little brighter, but as always it's a downer to have evening descend so early. If you have chickens and manually close up their coop at night, don't forget to check on them when the sun goes down instead of at a particular time of day - an hour unlocked at dusk could mean your egg laying friends' demise at the hands of a pesky racoon or skunk.

I'm a busy beaver today planting some of the last transplants in my garden (kale, kohlrabi, chamomile, etc) and stuffing in more beet and lettuce seeds where i can find space. I'll also be working on some soap packaging to bring to market this weekend - hope to see you there! (corner of Manchaca and Fair Oaks in south Austin).

Thanks to all who lent me your support on my bread bafflement - i'll stick to muffins for a while, if i can find any time to bake. This week has been crazy - which is great. But a few too many new things paired with a full docket in the art studio, my dog is getting behind in her obedience training and the garden is going crazy!  Ugh, this post is getting self serving and rambling - many abologies. I'll be back in action next week with a recipe/report on homemade lasagna from scratch (never made lasagna before, so hopefully i get THAT right: i'm serving it to good friends), a review on the muffins with jalapenos instead of berries, and an Autumn chicken report - it's high time i posted about my feathered friends.

Have a great weekend!

ps - I've wasted hours trying to figure this out: i make hot sauce. Delicious, fiery hot sauce simply made with peppers, salt and vinegar (plus some secret ingredients to really make them rockin) but i can't figure out how to 'put them by'.  I have hot sauce that lives in my cupboard - does this mean i could store my hot sauce unprocessed? I'd like to store them in actual hot sauce bottles and you can't seal a plastic lid in a hot water bath? Do i just need to sterlize the bottle and hot pack the sauce and then leave it unrefrigerated? Or must i refrigerate to be safe? My fridge is only so big.  Please message me if you have any experience bottling, canning, storing hot sauce (no tomatoes).

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