Friday, November 19, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outide!

 Not quite COLD, but brisk enough to consider bringing in the lemon tree...   What DOES one do with a lemon tree that has been potted up to a state of hugeness when one lives in a tiny, sunless house???? Advice welcome!

Looks like we bottomed out at 38 degrees last night - not sure what that means for this suburban lot, but i generally get a bit more frost than some and a bit less than others.... boy that's a profound statement. Anyway, we did drape some sheets over one of my massive tomatoes and just crossed our fingers for the rest of the produce.  Upon morning inspection, all appear fine and dandy. Frost hasn't touched us yet, but November 28 marks Austin's average first frost, so get ready for it. Floating row cover, light bulbs, sheets, mulch, pre-frost watering: all can help extend the life of your fall crop. If frost rears its ugly head sooner than expected, you can also pick a lot of the produce and hope that it ripens in the house. I've found even the greenest of tomatoes will eventually ripen, especially if cozied up to a ripening banana in a sunny window. I'm holding out for another batch of ripe tomatoes on the vine, so i'll keep pushing my luck. Knowing my luck, it will freeze while we're out of town on Thanksgiving and i'll come home to a bush covered in mush. (Let's hope not).

I'll taste my pickled green tomatoes early next week and report on the success or weirdness, and i'd love to try a fried green tomato recipe with the rest of the tomatoes i've harvested green.

Call for recipes! Please submit your favorite fried green tomato recipe for me to try by email or in the comment form below. I'll publish the one i end up using and send you a little 'thank you gift' in the mail.

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