Friday, October 1, 2010

Time to Plant Garlic in Austin

The moon is waning*. It's the first of October. Nights are cooling and days are shortening.
It's time to plant the garlic.

harvested garlic

I saved several bulbs from my summer harvest and plan on planting them on Sunday with some homemade bone meal. I'll put most in my back bed, along with the multiplying onions, but stick a few somewhere in the front as well since that bed is not looking promising, sunny, or consistently watered/tended by me.

You have most of the month to plant, but as we may be moving in the early summer i want to get them in as soon as possible and hope for a chance at harvesting them before we go.

Elephant Garlic
Little elephant garlic peeking out last fall.

*Moon phase gardening is something new to me, and i have no idea if it's valid or just hocus pocus. The idea is that you plant veggies that grow below ground (carrots, potatoes, radishes, garlic) when the moon is waning and plants that grow above (tomatoes, kale, most everything else) when the moon is waxing. It's not always easy to remember this or get the timing with the season and rainfall right. I have a handy dandy moon phase calendar on this blog that i refer to often. Check it out and try your hand at moon phase gardening. It's worth a shot!

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