Monday, October 18, 2010

Sour Pickle Recipe #2

Woops - I forgot to publish this post. You must have been confused when i posted the results of this batch of pickles before posting the recipe. Apologies!
From October 7th:

I can't wait to taste these as i expect them to be even better than the last batch! I have two little cucumber plants coming through for me this fall. One is a Perisian Pickling (2 plants survived the entire packet of seeds being planted, sigh) and another is a Marketmore (grown from years old seeds, hot dog). They're both doing pretty well without much help from me and this week i decided to pick several to make a small batch of pickles. I picked 2 rather mature, but still small and the rest from teeny to medium sized - all were perfect for spears (last time i made chips) or whole pickles.

I lined the bottom of my large jar with grape leaves. I picked the knick of time to make these pickles as the grapes at The Natural Gardener are shedding their leaves quickly. Hopefully the age of the leaves won't alter the taste of the pickles negatively. I also tossed in some black peppercorns and garlic cloves. The garlic is kind of nasty tasting raw - i picked it too late, but it's good cooked so i'm hopeful that it won't ruin the batch either. I also put in a small sprig of dill flowers that i've had frozen in the freezer since early Summer. Two little cayennes also made their way in there, but thats it! Toss it all in, cover with a pyrex lid, pour over the brine (3 T salt per quart of water) and weight down with a vinegar bottle filled with water.  Cover it all with cheesecloth to keep the flies out and voila - i should have pickles in a week or 3. I'll keep you posted!

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