Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rain! And a Reminder

Many apologies for the quick nature of my posts lately. Things are a bit busy over here and today is filled with Pilates and artwork for me and sheep herding for Pocket. Much to do!

So, i decided to share a funny story which we've most all shared before. This year i've discarded my old soaker hoses in the front and replaced with a small sprinkler. The cukes don't much love it, but they're not long for this season and the rest of the veggies don't seem to mind. It's good for the germinating babies, as the soil gets evenly moist, but i'm not sure how it will do with thoroughly soaking the roots for the deep, infrequent waterings necessary for healthy veggies. We'll see.

I still have soakers in the back though - poorly measured soakers that soak half the lawn while watering the broccoli and beets. Yesterday, i turned on the soakers in my morning befuddled state, brought pocket back inside, and thoroughly forgot about turning on the water. The reminder part of this post: SET A TIMER.

FOUR HOURS LATER i happen past the back door and make an expression like this: !
I turned off the water, but boy oh boy, four hours of watering makes the broccolis exclaim "We are not bog plants!"

And then what badly needed weather pattern graces us for the evening? Rain. Of course.

Little rain worm, missing his eyes.

My tip - if your garden is ever in need of some rain and the weather man has nothing but dry sunny weather in the forecast - go water your garden really, really well.  It'll be sure to rain that night ;)

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