Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tip for Roasting Peppers

A gas stove works, but not well. Roasting tumblers aren't often had by us normal folk. The broiler just doesn't cut it.

Here's an easy way to get nicely roasted peppers: Skewer them along some kabobs for easy group flipping and char over an open flame on your grill or even over a fire pit.

This is a variation of the 'raft' technique that can be used for other slender veggies you may want to grill, such as asparagus. Lay the veg flat in a nice little grouping and kabob perpendicular to the veggies on both ends. This way you can flip a flat square of veggies all at once without risking lost soldiers between the bars of the grill.

Roasting really brings out that nice sweet flavor of the peppers.

PS - last night i made kale chips on the grill and some seriously delicious bison burgers. For the burgers i mushed the ground meat with some finely diced onion, garlic, cheddar cheese and habanero, some smoked paprika, chilly powder and salt, and one whole egg plus some oatmeal. The egg really moistened the meat and held the patties together and the oats helped absorb some of that extra liquid - probably holding in a lot of the delicious bison juices that would have seeped down into the grill. I always make my burger patties full of yummy veggie goodness - much easier to eat than a burger with raw toppings, and that much more delicious! I cooked the burgers on the upper grill until decently cooked through then brought them closer to the flames for a few minutes on each side to get a delicious char on the outside. YUM.

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