Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sick Day

I had a great time at the South Austin Urban Farmers Market last Saturday and hope to make an appearance again this weekend. I almost sold out of my new moisturiizng shea butter soap - so pounce early this Saturday to get your own bar. It's the most divine soap i've ever used and hope to make a few more batches as soon as i can get an order of supplies filled.
South Austin Urban Farmers Market and The Relic Jar

South Austin Urban Farmers Market and The Relic Jar
(Yes, i misspelled moisturizing. Just pretend i mean it makes you moister than other soap)
South Austin Urban Farmers Market and The Relic Jar

I've been feeling rather under the weather lately. Some combination of mold allergies, seasonal allergies, and allergies to very cute and heavily shedding corgi puppies......
I'm completely stuffed, can't taste the delicious food i've been cooking, can't sleep, and can't deal with it anymore! Sadly in order for me to afford health insurance i carry a high deductible policy that covers nothing much until i've spent $5,000. I can almost afford the low premium, but not much else. So i don't go to the doctor. Luckily i'm rarely sick and haven't had a cold in over 5 years. I just hate that in order to afford health insurance i can't afford to go to the doctor. I really wish health care would pay you back for being a healthy person. Sorry: i won't go into that particularly controversial topic on this blog - but you get the idea of my angst.

Long story short, i have some projects piling up in the studio and my building fatique due to sleepless nights of mouth breathing causes me to need a little break. I'll try and continue posting some shorter posts here, but expect a slightly less motivated and involved farm mama for the next few days.

On the positive side: kale, calendula, beets oh my! Germinating babies in the gardens make me happy! I'll post about my fall gardening schedule on Thursday. Any requests for wholesome wednesdays this week?

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