Monday, July 26, 2010

The Results are IN!

As promised, i chose a winner for my multiplying onions. They're sitting in my fridge (though many are still int he ground if the winner prefers super fresh onions) and should still be totally viable for snacking and / or planting. The onions i planted in the back are perky and growing like crazy.

And the winner IS:
Lucky number seven

I would have tried to be more creative and chosen the winner via chicken sh*t bingo style, but i just can't beat Susy from over at Chiot's Run and her dog-slobber method. Please shoot me an email, Teri with your address and i'll try and get your bundle of onions to you as soon as i can find a box they'll fit in. Don't be surprised if by 'box' i mean assembled scraps of cardboard held together by packing tape and prayers. Congratulations!

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