Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Molt Has Begun

What is it with my chickens? They seem to pounce on me with multiple calamities/ new issues all at once. First BB with her broodiness, and now Soot with 'the molt'. Chickens molt their first adult feathers for a whole new set when they're about 18 months of age. It can be quick, it can be slow, but they almost always stop laying during this time. As chickens are man-bred animals, they've been bred to get it over with quick and get back to laying, though they never lay as well after their first molt as they did when they were youngsters. (All this information is research based, this is my first year with my chickens and my first experience with molting). I believe they start with the head/neck, to the tail, to the body, all in steps and stages so no 'naked chickens' will be had. Too bad.

The girls besides BB are still laying, but Soot is definitely beginning the molt, so we'll see how it goes.

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