Monday, May 24, 2010

Pondlet: FAIL A followup

Well, i failed. I was full of hope and optimism, but the old tub leaked. Luckily the fishes were not drowned, i scooped them into a bucket with the remaining water and plants until i could get them a replacement.  Neither craigslist or freecycle came through for me, and my wise mother  convinced me not to try and patch the old trough so i purchased one of  these. Boring and not re-used. I dug it partially into the ground: being in the ground will keep the water temperature more even, and being raised up will make me happy because i'll still have my foot rest. My darling husband gathered a bunch of limestone chunks (from an undisclosed location) for me to use as a decorative border: i think it looks quite nice.

The fish are quite happy, they don't mind the change. The rubber pond is made of materials non toxic to them, and they're pleased with the cooler water from the buried bottom.
There has been some drama, however: My big yellow hen, Belina was standing on the edge for a drink the other day, and slipped! She fell in! Poor fat thing flapped and struggled but couldn't get out, knocked the water plant over in the process too. Luckily i was watching and pulled her out: what's the phrase about a wet hen? She was not pleased!
What was most fascinating was the reaction of her friends: the other chickens were shaken up as much as she was! Olive, our usually silent lady was bawking all over the place. Soot, the head hen was all ruffled and panting. It's my guess and hope that the crisis was so traumatic they'll steer clear of that pond from now on, but i'll still keep my eye on them for hte next few days before leaving them out and unattended.

The new pond was cheapish- but not free, but attractive and functional enough. I sure liked the looks of that old trough, though!
Guess i'll have to make it a planter after all.

Can't win all the time.

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