Thursday, May 20, 2010

Homemade Clothes: a skirt sewing challenge has begun!

My friend, Marigold over at Hideous, Dreadful, Stinky! is holding a fun selfish sewing challenge for the next few weeks. I'm up to it!  This skirt is kind of cheating, as i sewed it prior to a party a few months ago. Yes, i was invited to a party and had nothing to wear: so i made something! My friends think i'm a little crazy. They're probably right.
Here is the pattern that i sort of used.
And here is how it turned out:
Materials: Sheet bought for about 50 cents at Thrifttown, buttons from a bag of buttons i've had since high school, and thread.
**PS: The pattern calls for a long piece for the waistband that has a tie closure. I hate skirts with tie closures so i used my machine's super fancy and fascinating automatic button hole maker thingy and used buttons. This leaves a bit of a gap at the hip that i should really add more buttons to, but i don't mind showing a little skin!

I love my new sewing machine's fancy stitches. Makes ME feel fancy too! I plan on making another version of this skirt with shorter length. I like the tight/high waistband. It reminds me of 50s housewife era fashion, or maybe poodle skirts? It goes just great with the little off shoulder tank/tee of my gramma's.
Check out Marigold's blog, and get in on the challenge!

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