Monday, April 19, 2010

Recent Projects

My husband and i have long been planning a joint business venture of crafting, growing veggies and making cheese for market: selling our co-produced wares. It's mostly a future plan, but we've been gearing up to sell crafts and homemade products at a farmer's market this Fall. I was tinkering with some logo ideas the other day, and the very next day was approached by a friend asking me to sell at a small event she's putting together for mother's day.  

A bit sudden, and i'm not entirely prepared, but i felt it was 'a sign' or at least a catalyst to get off my duff and start working. I plopped down a decent chunk of change (investment costs?) on some soap making supplies, paper for packaging, and other items i'll need for my part of our project, and i'm getting some good work done!

The project will be known as The Relic Jar, and is a combination of my husband's brainchild and gourd art, with sewing assistance and herb knowledge by me. I've tacked on my own facet to the project, to be known as Tinctures and Tonics: assorted bath and body products, as well as candles and other crafty novelties. I'm also working on our little blog/website, - so bookmark that and check out the cool stuff being born over there.

In the meantime: here's a quick glimpse of what's going on in MY studio:

New desk from Thriftland, plus old spice rack to hold spools of thread and some curing soap (plus my old sewing stool, finally being used for actual SEWING)

Curing soap. Not entirely homemade this time, just some glycerine soap that i added botanicals, natural colors, and essential oils to. I quite like it - feels and smells good on the hands. Looking forward to playing with lye, though.

Recycled cup candles, and the first draft of packaging printed on paper made from hay.

And isn't this just pretty? 
I'll try and scatter some of this poppy's seeds by the Salvia 'Hot Lips' as their colors go so well together:

Here's to a productive week, happy Monday!

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