Monday, April 26, 2010

On The Road

The husband and I had quite the little adventure this Saturday. I woke up early to make some homemade tortillas (a mixture of whole wheat and masa: delicious!) for breakfast tacos while the hubby slept in a bit. Soon he was up and adam and we had a most delightful breakfast:
  • Homemade tortillas (whole wheat flower, masa, drizzle olive oil, cold water, mixed and pressed and heated on medium for 1 minute per side)
  • Scrambled eggs (plus a little baking soda for fluff) with salt, pepper, chilly powder, and turkey bacon
  • Cheese
  • Hot sauce
So tasty!  As soon as i watered the garden and the hubby moved the chicken coop and put the girls away, we were off! To San Saba. But not as directly as we'd have liked.

Our plan was to take 71 to 281 north to Colorado Bend State Park for a hike and some fishing then back west to San Saba. Unfortunately when we were just about to Spicewood on 71, traffic halted. An ambulance rushed by. A helicopter touched down up ahead! Things were not looking good. Then we heard the radio dj mention a bad wreck on 71 that would be a few hours in the cleanup. We turned around. Ha.

Back down 71 to a little ranch road that would connect us to Dripping Springs to another little ranch road back up to 71 and... well you get the point. We went out of our way. About a few hours out of our way: but it was worth it! Because THIS (and actually much more beautiful, but it's hard to capture something so magical with a camera, as you wiz past it in a car)  is what we saw:

These photos really barely do the flowers justice. But I hope you get the idea. It's days like this that bring my joy in my life, my marriage, the place i live. A day that could have been 'a bust' became a great adventure. We made it to the park, just briefly but with time enough for a short walk and good conversation. San Saba was fruitful (we were in search of gourds for my husband's artistic ventures) and the voyage was long but enjoyed by us both. These are the good days!

Have you made 'lemonade from lemons' recently?

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