Thursday, April 29, 2010

Oh, Oregano.

So, lately i've been doing a lot of things that are soon followed by expletives and 'why did i just do that's.
The other day this was caused by pulling out this massive oregano plant. My long raised bed used to be only herbs - in the summer it was used as a massive basil colony. I made pesto about 20 times last year and still have a few cubes of it in the freezer, so i figured i'd change the strategy of the bed a bit and plant some peppers in it while also starting a medicinal herb garden that will eventually take over the bed. Basil is destined for the containers in which the onions are presently inhabiting. And not bulbing. And in the way. Sigh. It's the end of April and i haven't planted basil yet!?!?!?
I'm fine with it.
i hope.

Oregano replaced with Stevia herb and a jalapeno plant.
Anyway. Last year i pulled out 3 other huge oreganos from this bed: oregano takes over. It spreads, it mounds, i hack it back to a nubbins and it's back to being huge in a week. I left this one plant in the bed because it makes beautiful flowers in the late summer - flowers i used in my wedding and have dried around my house. That is what i forgot. Dangit. First thing in the morning and in dream state, after pulling up the plant the previous day, i sighed a long "nooooooooo, i shouldn't have pulled it up." Luckily, i put it in a bucket of water intended to pass it on to someone else. Sorry to all those i offered it to, i changed my mind. Trouble is, i have nowhere to put it. Seriously - can't put it in the back: not enough sun and the chickens like to destroy everything i put back there (except the onions hopefully). All the other nooks and crannies in the front are spoken for. EXCEPT - the wildflower area. Which is meant for wildflowers.
Hanging out in a bucket of water.
I planted a little compact sage plant there last fall, it is currently overshadowed by gallardia, coriander, toadflax and poppies.... but i think it wouldn't mind an oregano friend, as long as i'm diligent and keep it well trimmed.

Here's my spicy oregano happy in the xeric bed (happy because it's been raining gangbusters and flowered and spread a ton last fall - it's usually kind of pitiful looking). It responds decently to being trimmed and focused in the directions i want it to be. For now.

So here is where i put the transplanted oregano. We'll see if it makes it. The soil out here is none too great, usually not a problem for herbs. But this guy was ripped out to bare roots and kept in a bucket of water for 2 days: not ideal. So wish it luck! Or else we'll be drying a lot of oregano. I feel pizzas in my future.

That's that. We'll see if it takes. I clearly need to do some trimming of it: it is used to sprawling out and over the edge of the planter and will now need to transform into ground cover instead of bed hanger outer. I'll give it a chance to recuperate first before i hack at it any more.

Have you had success in transplanting plants from one place to another in your garden? Ever pull something out only to realize you actually really liked and wish life had an 'undo' button?

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