Monday, April 5, 2010

A Great Holiday Party Was Had By All!

Food, drinks, adult egg hunts, Christmas lights, sparklers, burnt fingers, broken chairs, and a floor begging to be vacuumed the next day: all sure signs an excellent party was had!

The Easter Bread was a little tricky to 'beat' as i only have a little hand held cake beater (which got quite heated up and smokey, the poor little thing) but the rising worked, the cooking time worked despite my inability to do math (was supposed to be 12 portions, turned out as 9), and was enjoyed by those who tasted it.

My floral arrangements of herbs and flowers from my garden spruced the house up nicely and are still bringing me much joy the day after, despite more than a few dishes to clean up.

The egg salad was a big hit with homemade mayo, fresh onions and chives from the garden, and fresh eggs of course. Even egg salad dislikers liked it. And everyone got to feel a little fancy eating my cucumber sandwiches with fresh chives and dill. All my friends brought delicious snacks as well, i think i'm still full - but uh oh there are some leftovers in the fridge: day of snacking two!

Our friend Craig found the Golden Egg and won a full dozen fresh, organic eggs from our ladies. The rest of our guests brought home freshly dyed boiled eggs.

The mayor of CrazyTown even showed up (new easter suit + bunny ears + glass of wine + lap-hen = me at my best) to partake in the festivities.

Spring is a wonderful time: cool evening breezes, a scant mosquito population, fresh grass for the chooks to chew on, spring veggies arriving on dinner plates. Time spent with friends enjoying all these things together, plus some adult beverages and Easter candy, is to be treasured and enjoyed.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday with friends or family, or simply enjoyed this wonderful season in a nice hammok or camping chair.

Did you have an Easter party or gathering? What was your favorite recipe?

All in all it was a great day from beginning to end.

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