Thursday, March 11, 2010

More on "Weed" Foraging - Galium aparine L

It bears repeating, when it comes to 'weeds' think twice before you toss them into the compost heap.  Many common weeds found in your yard or garden may be edible, medicinal, or cosmetic.

The other day i mentioned finding Shepard's purse and chickweed in my yard: both edible and somewhat tasty to both myself and my chickens. I haven't actually tasted them yet, but plan nibbling before i toss next time i'm weeding the lawn.

Today, i was quite surprised to learn that a rather aggressive, irritating weed is both medicinal and good for ailments i suffer from! My step-mama commented on the weed looking like one used in mattresses in days of old, and it in fact is related. This particular weed is known by a ton of different names, one of which is Cleavers.  Apparently you can make a tea or tonic of this weed that is good as a diuretic, as a poultice, as treatment for psoriasis, urinary problems, weight loss and high blood pressure. Pretty awesome! This weed is all over the neighborhood, including my back yard. I think my next project will be to harvest and steep some (to use as a hair/skin tonic) - and dry some to take as a weight loss supplement.   
Or i'll just remind myself that this is a project worth trying SOME time and just lay in my hammock in the warm (not yet oppressively hot) sun before the mosquitoes descend in full force.  ;)

Looks like Galium is about to flower. Better do something with it soon!

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