Monday, March 29, 2010

Almost Easter Time!

Wahooo!  Easter used to be one of my favorite holidays as a kid: egg hunts, cadberry mini eggs, a new stuffed animal, searching for my easter basket: all things i eagerly anticipated for weeks!
As this is the first Easter for us with our 4 lady chickens, we've decided to throw a party for friends and family who will be here in town. We've been saving up the eggs for weeks, and i think i just counted a whopping 70 eggs in the fridge! I plan on boiling many of those eggs with some natural ingredients, some homegrown by me, to try out natural dye techniques. The rest i'll have boiled and ready to dye (with regular ole Paas dyes) for my guests.

I've been planning my party menu, pretty simple things (egg salad!) from me plus potluck items folks will bring. I thought i would use this week leading up to the holiday to post a different recipe or tip each day, relevant to Easter. I may not have all the outcomes or photos yet (won't be making most stuff until the saturday prior) but it seems unfair to post a bunch of Eastery recipes AFTER the fact!

So, join me the rest of this week for some fun and hopefully tasty Easter recipes and ideas. I'll be sure and take photos and feedback of all the recipes when i actually do them and post them next week as a show and tell post.

First up: How to boil the perfect Egg! Check back soon!

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