Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunshine and Pruning Shears

Care for a cup of tea, Soot?
Finally some sunshine! Normally i don't complain about rain - we usually need it. But it's the time of year that i'd like to be tilling the soil, not watching it get soggy and covered in snails.
This weekend we've finally seen some warmer days (still 30s at night) and today i took advantage.
I'm afraid my lavendar may have bit the dust - it is a more sensitive variety than some, and even down at the base it looked quite dead. It felt good to give the salvias and lantana a good hacking. I just love seeing new shoots and branches spring up after a rigorous prune. Once night temps are up i'll give everyone a good dose of fertilizer and compost, and then hopefully it will rain some more and bring beautiful blooms and glorious new greens.

Happy Valentine's day, everyone. Go hug a plant :)

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