Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bagels with Minced Garlic and Sesame Seeds

I cannot take any credit for this recipe, other than having the confidence to try something new. I was completley sure i was failing, but they turned out QUITE scrumptious indeed, especially served with my homemade lox and cultured cream cheese.
I used this recipe and followed it to the T except that i forgot to cover the formed bagels with plastic before putting them in the fridge. I did the 'will they float' test, and they failed. But after boiling and topping them this morning they baked out just great.

Work station ready. Pan with corn meal, plate with toppings, bagels ready to boil.
We ate one half right out of the oven, and the other half toasted, both with cream cheese, lox, and tomato, both delicious.

I chose this recipe because i could prep the dough the night before and just cook them in the morning in time for breakfast. I think i'll try a few more recipes before i've decided my favorite. Though i'll have to do these experiments few and far between, or with lots of guests - as even one bagel has thrown off my digestion and i'm sure isn't helping my weight loss needs. Sometimes we have to forsake our 'rules' for a little bit of taste-heaven, though don't you think?

Do you have a favorite bagel recipe, or trick to guarantee delicious bagels?

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