Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Gorgeous Day - The Opposite

Who would guess that just 3 days ago I was going on and on about lovely, sunny 70 degree weather.
Didn't think i'd be seeing pretty snowflakes fluffing their way to the ground here at my little Austin Homestead. I am just tickled....white! White roof. Snowy garden. Pretty toadflax waving about out of the snow. Ned the armadillo is unphased, and the view to my neighbor's house has never been nicer.

The husky doesn't seem quite as excited by the snow as i feel she should.
The chickens are sure curious and seem to like tasting snow.

On a gardening note, you may be wondering why i'm not covering anything. The citrus are safely  shlepped back inside. The germinating mustards might be a bit peeved but can be easily replanted.  Other than that - most of my growing things have been harvested and eaten, or don't really mind a blanketing of snow. Garlic and onions should be fine, the lettuce seems unphased, and the few other more tender things can be lost without great loss. 33 degrees and snowing is one thing - 18 degrees plus windchill was quite another. I'm takin' this one easy.

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