Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekend Milk Projects in 10 Steps.

1. Separate cream and set out on counter overnight.
2. Wake up and shake shake shake to make butter, then salt and cream it.
3. Buttermilk saved to use in homemade/baked mac & cheese with garden broccoli.
4. Set out a quart of milk out to separate into whey and cream cheese (destined to be paired with lox and homemade bagels)
6. Thaw out some previously saved whey, pick some dill and chives and start a batch of Gravlox (marinated salmon) that will hang out in the fridge under a weight for about 5 days.
7. Chop up a ton of veggies and pound the bejesus out of them to make Kim Chee.
8. Pick and juice a lemon, harvest 2 eggs and whip together some homemade mayo.
9. Have the novel idea to use the egg white and lemon juice leftover from making the mayonnaise and whip up some meringue cookies.

10. Admire all the projects out on the counter and in the fridge. Feel accomplished and satisfied. Edit photos and prepare to blog the recipes i used today.

Stay tuned - tonight or tomorrow - for some rockin recipes!
I love productive weekends!

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