Monday, January 11, 2010

Survival and Bragging Rights!

Monday afternoon. Mid forties. Tent city has been deconstructed.
Only main casualties are the peas and one rubbery broccoli plant.
Supposed to be mid 30s tonight, but i'm trusting the plant babies
to deal with that temp. 18 degrees has been left behind and scoffed at!
Some scalding on leaves is a common symptom. Hopefully these
immature broccolis and kales will bounce back with warmer weather
and forecasted rains. I might even be nice to them and
add some compost or fertilizer.
The lettuces are surprisingly perky and ready to be thinned
and consumed for a salad dinner tomorrow. Kales are getting bigger.
I can't believe the fava beans made it.
Their friends in the backyard are totally smoosh.
A little limp, but this one had been harvested once anyway.
Yum! This radish was cold and delicious, which isn't always the case.
I wonder if the cold temps reduced its bitterness some.
A success and a relief. I can't believe the garden coped as well as it did, though i'm not looking forward to the electric bill after 4 nights of using a heat lamp. I'm happy my plant friends made it, and i'm planning a quiche for dinner this evening with some broccoli and onions from the garden. I did a little weeding, as well and fed that to the chickens who of late have been displeased with the lack of greens in their yard. Their yolks are showing the lack as well: not nearly as dark orange. For their peace of mind and better egg nutrition i plan on building a small mini tractor to place in the front yard and hopefully not get knocked over by the stupid black dog that always gets out in my neighborhood. I don't want to think of the repercussions of that, but i know the girls would like being on green grass again. In a month of so i'll scrape at the back yard some and scatter some poultry foraging seed blend that will hopefully grow and nourish them once again.

Locals: How did your garden fare these cold temps? Do you think we're in the clear or will we be hit with some more winter? ( i hope not, i'm tired of slinging tarps, despite my lust for a real winter again - i'd prefer to be better prepared next time)

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