Thursday, January 14, 2010

My First Poached Eggs

Well it's lunch time after 2 classes at the gym, which means i'm starving. I made some hummus the other day and have plenty left, but the girls have been churning out the eggies so i guess i should eat some of them. Already had toast for brekkie, so i'd rather not do an egg sandwich - so i attempt my first poached eggs.

A big like egg drop soup, but the goal here is to keep the eggs holding together.

I brought a small pan of water to a boil with salt, turned down to a less rigorous boil and cracked the eggs carefully into the water. The first one went into simmering water and seperated some, you can see the little extra tail of eggwhite in the first photo. I turned the heat up a bit and added the second egg which turned out perfecto.  What i liked about this technique was A, no oil B, i could lift the eggs up out of the water a bit with a slotted spoon and see through the white to the yolk to tell how done it was. I like a little bit of runny yolk, but don't want any runny white. I find if i fry and egg, to take the time to cook the white through, then flip, the yolk gets too well done.

I'm sold. Sorry for the steamy lens, i like to eat my food while it's hot!

Yum, delicious carnage.

One note - quite a bit of water got onto my plate, despite draining of the the water a bit. I think next time i'll drop the eggs on a towel before placing them on the plate.

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