Sunday, January 3, 2010

More Homemade Goodness: Mayonnaise

Wowee. Who would of thought little miss fat free would be making mayonnaise from scratch?
I got the recipe out of Nourishing Traditions, and agree with the author that the olive oil is a BIT much flavorwise: think i'll mix with some sunflower oil or something else next batch. In respect to the author and her copyright i won't post the specific recipe here, but the basics that i used are:
  • fresh eggs from our girls
  • extra virgin olive oil, in this case it was infused with garlic as i roasted some garlic in oil yesterday (450 degrees for about half an hour in a foil packet = amazingly spreadable delicious garlic)
  • fresh squeezed lemon juice from my Meyer tree
  • salt
  • whey
I used my husband's grandmother's old food processor and mixed it all up into a thinner than store bought, rich, bright yellow, blend of delicious mayo. It's tangy and garlicy, a little too olive oily, but i can only imagine the delicious chicken salad this is going to make!
The addition of whey promotes lactofermentation that extends the shelf life of the mayo as well as providing more enzymes and greater nutrition. Apparently mayo normally only lasts about a week or two, with the whey the life is extended to several months, in the fridge of course. I'm letting it sit out to ferment a tad, well covered, until bed time and will then stick into the fridge. I need a bigger fridge, by the way in case anyone wants to donate one,  ;)

wish i had some smaller jars. 
note to self for next shopping trip to the feed store.
Some ideas of things to do with this delicious mayo:

  • chicken salad with local pecans and golden raisons
  • herbed mayo with fresh dill or parsley or cilantro
  • tuna salad
  • some kind of party dip
  • egg salad - though seems a bit redundant and cholesterol heavy with all those eggs!

 Culmination of the last few days' projects. From left to right:
steel cut oats soaking in warm water with a bit of whey, destined to be breakfast porridge (soaking grains with whey or vinegar increases their digestibility and increases enzyme and nutrition content); today's rich and delicious mayonnaise; Kim chee fermenting for a few days before going into the fridge.

What are some of your favorite homemade vs. store bought condiments you like to make or eat?

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