Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Help me choose some Homesteading products

Hello, lovely readers and friends.
It is January, which is 'time to spend my Christmas money." I have a few different things I have been wanting for a while:
pressure canner
bread maker
food dehydrator
new clothes dryer to replace our 'harvest gold' edition from Kenmore

among other things.....  I think the coolest of those would be a pressure canner. I think that if i had a pressure canner i could can stock and other low acid things, freeing up a lot of space in my fridge and freezer. I have no idea how easy to use these things are, if you can just can a few cans at a time, etc etc.
They're also pretty expensive even with my christmas money.
BUT i've seen some in my 'thank you' network (thank you points earned on my credit card) that i can almost afford!

Please let me know if you have experience A. with a bread maker: is it worth it? or is the oven and a pan just as easy? B. with pressure canners: easy to use? a brand in specific that's good?
  the "All American" brand canners seem the nicest (aka most expensive) but come in a variety of sizes from 21 to 41 quarts. My other options are a few made by Presto and one by Fagor ranging from 10 - 23 quarts.

Please lend me your advice!

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