Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Woops, i undercooked the Turkey

This blog is not just a place for my recipes and successes in the garden, but also a place for troubleshooting and recording my shortcomings.

I undercooked the Christmas turkey. It was way bigger than we needed, and i planned on roasting it on a bed of root veggies. That would have been fine, but i went a little crazy with the veggies and they absorbed way too much of the cooking time.  7 hours later and our turkey still wasn't falling off the bone. We still nibbled at the edges, avoiding the less than done inner parts,  but i almost got myself down enough to ruin an otherwise perfect christmas.  Everything else tasted grand though, and as you can see the veggies were soaked in delicious drippings with plenty left over to make some deeelish gravy.

I stuck the gorgeous, but insufficiently heated animal back in the oven on a lower temp, just left it there for a while, turned off the oven and left it, then stuck it in the fridge. Tasted even better the next night with leftover mashed cauliflower, root veggies, gravy and peas.

It turned out alright, just glad i didn't schedule guests to come at a certain time or there would have been hungry fisticuffs.

At least the husband approved!

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