Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Great Egg Comparison

HEB (our local grocery store) Grade AA Large White Eggs
Olive Mueller-Rommel's Third and Fourth Organic, Mostly Free Range, Home Raised Eggs

I like experiments, especially ones that involve eating your test subjects.  Today I did a comparison between store bought and our eggs with mostly anticipated results. I used eggs from the same chicken, Olive the Wyandotte to keep the variables as consistent as possible.
Here's how it went:

 First comparison:  What do the eggs look like freshly cracked and do they crack the same?

Results: Olive's eggs had much firmer shells, harder to crack. Yolks much yellower, and a large yolk to white ratio than the store bought eggs: perhaps since they were smaller.

 Second comparison: Fried eggs.
Results: Our eggs have much darker yolks, and the area of white immediately surrounding the yolk is a darker, orangier color than the store bought egg. I suck at flipping, both were equally flippable or not. 

Taste: I, honestly couldn't tell much of a difference. Andy on the other hand thought our eggs were much better.

Third comparison: Scrambled Eggs
Results: Olive's shells again harder to crack with darker yolks. Both eggs seemed to scramble about as easily. Again the ratio of yolk to white seemed greater in our egg. Both eggs cooked the same, but it seemed the store bought wanted to turn into a fused flat object more than fluffy scramble moreso than our egg. The color of our scramble is way prettier.

Taste: No question: our egg tastes much better. The store bought scramble tasted more plastic, ours was rich and flavorful. This may just have been because of the higher yolk to white ratio, or because Olive is super special. I won't make that call.

Yum. That was a fun experiment. Consumed to the last drop. Now i start saving up our eggs for next weekend's Christmas baking adventure.

Do you have experience with fresh versus store bought eggs? What do YOU think? Taste or behave differently?

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