Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day 4

oh, day four.
Today stipulates bananas and milk. and soup. as mentioned before i don't drink milk.... but i got some goat's milk, and it's actually pretty good-which is good to know since i plan on getting dairy pigmy goats. I guess the bananas and milk are supposed to curb my cravings for sweets... i don't really crave sweets much. whatever.
Slept great last night! Been going to bed right at 10, falling asleep easier each night, and had amazing Corgi puppy dreams. It walked around on its hind legs holding my hand, and holding something else in its other hand. AWESOME.

This diet is for people who snack snack snack and need something ot structure their lives. While i DO snack, i don't generally snack on things like chips and ice cream. This diet is somewhat pointless for me as it's just telling me to eat the things i already eat. Quote from someone about this diet:
This diet is for the jellyroll type, too lazy to exercise who can't stay away from the refrigerator, McDonalds or Baskins Robbins. I say, do exercise, but as a beginner. I also say, there are much better diets available.
That sure isn't me.... so i might just quit, since this is pointless... but i think i will take one thing from this: low cal soup is super filling and a great alternative to overeating other healthy, but higher cal foods that i often cook. Luckily it's almost winter, a season full of soup days. I'm a healthy person, with a little extra womanly chub here and there. I go the the gym daily, and binge a little much on the weekends... That being said - if i could keep the wine consumption down, i really think i could keep pushing my weight loss to at least the mid 120s.
And i still have lots of soup left - so if i do quit, at least i have that for lunches/dinner supplements for a while.

8:30 am

For breakfast i made a smoothie (forgot the soy protein powder oh well) with a shot of vanilla along with the goat milk and banana. Pretty good, actually!
We'll see if i can make it through step aerobics on it though.
Daaaaaaaamn, that was a good smoothie! Think i'll have another on my return from the gym, with protein powder this time (i know it's not stipulated, but c'mon, it's powder).
Step was HAARD this morning, and i only did half pilates - more because i actually have things to do today than because of exhaustion. Left craving a turkey sandwich though. Instead: shower and a banana smoothie. Then out for chores and hopefully distraction from tum.

See beginning of post: It is DECIDED. This diet is a fad, it is for overweight people who can't control themselves from eating 1000 calorie burgers from McDonalds. I will learn from this, though:
keep the soup on hand for crisis moments/snacking, eat fewer carbs at breakfast, and drink less booze.
We'll see how long i keep up the new attitude - but i think i've learned some good stuff fromthis.
but c'mon, i'm a mostly vegetarian person who does NOT need to be spending the next 2 days eating as much meat as i want - as i want none of it!

Am i a cop out? Or am i justified? Please let me know what you think. I need support, as i am feeling more cop out that practically thinking.

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