Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Short little posting for the Girls.

The chicken girls were so well behaved this morning. We had salad last night and they got the lettuce butt and ugly leaves. They so love pecking and playing with lettuce and spinach - I think I'll plant a row just for them this fall in the veggie garden.
I planted lettuce last year, but I wasn't overly attentive at watering it, so it turned bitter and gross. It was a lovely ground cover, however. So this year I'll plant again - but have a purpose for it: happy chicken bellies!

Grey Wednesday morning. Perfect time for leisurely planting and checking up on the growing seedlings and ripening bells and jalapenos. The multiplying onions are bunching out, garlics are peaking out their little green heads, and the volunteer tomatoes are starting to figure out they're in the wrong season.

Coolness may have finally come to Austin - but if really cool temps could hold off just a few more weeks for my big ole' bell peppers to turn red, I'd really appreciate it.

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