Thursday, September 17, 2009

Winter Gardening is Beginning

We got a joyous amount of rain last week, the rain lillies are blooming and going to seed (which i scatter about with glee), and the first few veggie seeds I planted are starting to pop. Now we fend off snails and close to 90 degree days to further the veggie development.

Kale seeds planted last wednesday, seeing some signs of germination. Will plant round two next week and water daily to keep moist.

Ichiban is throwing out some shiny new eggplants!

The multiplying onions I planted at the beginning of the month in the pepper patch are really taking off. Not seeing any carrots sprouting yet - though I'm not sure what they look like.

Yum , peeeeas.

I love the rain lillies: they pop up out of nowhere after a good rain like pretty white surprises of happiness. I discovered how they reproduce today, and scattered seeds around the yard.

The natives are also loving the rain: Dallas Red Lantana is blooming like crazy!

And the best news of all - Belina who seemed at death's door last week is back up and running (and flying and clucking)!

It's so fun to watch things pop after a good rain, and even more exciting to be starting a new planting/harvesting season. At the same time that i'm planting tiny seeds and transplants for fall, and successively planting every few weeks, the veggies that have been so sad in the heat are bouncing back and fruiting for my current enjoyment.

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