Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday afternoon planting

And a fine day it is - a bit too warm if you ask me (already 84 at 11 am). Observation found a few germinating kales, snap peas getting bigger, and all the peppers putting on flowers that seem to be actually sticking. There are even some cucumbers not completely shrivelled on the vine! Hot dog.

I bought a few sad looking veg transplants yesterday and hope i can reinvigorate them by planting with some fresh worm castings from my worm bin. Watered everything in well and planted a few more kale seeds here and there. Scattered some pansy seeds also.

The last few seasons I've been super organized with my garden layout: graph paper was involved! This season my plan is to lay out a few rows in the spaces that are open and that i tilled and worked with phosphate, molasses, and compost. But the rest of the garden will be a bit scrimcoached - plants worked into spaces that become free as the season progresses and fall plants lose their productivity.

Here's what i did today:

Update on pea growth. Getting bigger!

Sad little kale transplant. I got to the natural gardener late saturday. You'd think after working there I'd know better. This was the best looking guy in the bunch. I also planted some seeds towards the bottom of the frame by the marker.

Compact Dwarf Sage planted in 'the strip'. It was the only sage other than the variety I already have. Will be used as a divider between my section and the neighbor's section of this native bed. They do not weed. grrrrrrr

New lemon thyme! The old one kicked the bucket. This one is in the basil raised bed that also houses an oregano and garlic and onions in the winter.

Decent looking broccoli transplant.

Like I said, I planted all with a scoopful of worm castings. Let's hope for the best!

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