Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Chicken Update

This afternoon I harvested my cockerel, Dotti and plopped him in a rabbit cage in the back of my car. The ladies were upset to be left behind, until i threw some scratch for them to play with. Dotti did great in the car, just rode along like an old pro.
We arrived in Burnet about an hour.5 later whereupon i set myself out to choose his perfect replacement. Not that easy when you're chasing around several wyandottes among hundreds of other chickens. We (with the help of Josh) managed to grab a hold of several who seemed 'pleasant' though I ended up with one with a single comb. So i had to ditch that one (want to stick to the 'ideal' standards of a wyandotte: rose comb) and caught the nearest next. I have no idea if she's perfect, in color or behavior, but she's not a boy!

Dotti seemed confused but not overly upset by his new surroundings. New chicken ran back and forth quite a bit in her cage before finally finding the food and water and settling down. Now i monitor the interaction between the other chickens and her and will introduce them to each other 'in coop' later this afternoon to see if they'll settle or need more time apart. Hopefully she'll settle into being a tame hen with our others. Though being older, she's much smaller - so i hope that won't put her at a disadvantage to be picked on, but hopefully now BB can catch up on growing as Dotti would always steal her snacks. It makes me proud of my care to compare my pullets to this one: she's smaller and not as sleek, despite being older: that indicates to me that all my garden fresh snacks, feed, and supplemental whey snacks must be paying off!

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