Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wholesome Wednesdays: Water

I posted yesterday about water conservation and proper watering methods - but it's also important to remember how vital water is to our own bodies. We're made out of water and need to replenish that source frequently to maintain top health and wellness. It's easy to forget to drink enough water if it's cold outside or you're drinking 'other' things.... but here are some tips on how to stay hydrated all day, every day and why you should do so.

Carry a reusable water bottle with you and keep it with you. By "a" water bottle, i mean in my case about 7. I have 3 in my car right now and when i worked a desk job had one in my corner at all times. Have one for the gym, another for work, another for home - or just use glasses. You can use just one, but if you forget it at home, you'll be sorry. I prefer the wide mouthed varieties to facilitate the easy loading of ice. I love me some ice water. There's more risk of 'splash back' with the wide mouthed bottles, so consider buying a water bottle that has a narrower mouth, or a removable top that has a smaller drink from area. You're not going to use a water bottle that you're afraid of, so find the right one for you. But please please PLEASE don't just buy case after case of disposable bottles. Even the 'eco friendly' ones are devastating to the planet (it's not just the plastic that ends up in the land fill after you throw it away, it's the fumes put out when the plastic was made, the plastic that wrapped the cartons, the cardboard cartons, the fossil fuels used to ship the cartons... you get the idea). I love the camel back bottles with the straw thingy you bite and suck from - so awesome at the gym during BodyStep class!

Make your water appealing.  For me, that means ice. Ice makes water delicious, in my opinion. Tepid water is not my idea of 'must drink.' For others that may mean Crystal Light, EmergenC, sliced cucumber or fresh herbs. Natural is better - crystal light is tasty, but has the same 'i'm a diet drink but still give you a belly because your body thinks it's ingesting calories' problems that soda has, plus the ingredient list is a little scary. Fresh, organically grown herbs are delicious and can improve your health and mood depending on which herbs you choose and cucumbers are a miraculous diet food. Whatever you do, make your water something you'll want to and will drink. It doesn't do you any good sitting in a bottle on your desk.

Drink Enough. 8-10 glasses a day? What does that really look like, and is that really enough? I go through 1-2 32 oz bottles of water during body step, but might only drink another during the day. Not enough. Keep that bottle filled and sip all day. Sure, you'll make more trips to the restroom, but think of all those toxins you're clearing out! Depending on your activity levels and how much you're sweating during the day, your body can really use a lot of water. Get enough water by starting early: before the coffee or breakfast, chug a glass of water upon waking. (It'll get things moving easier, too). Keep water on hand all day and drink before you snack, you'll snack less. Keep the hydration through the evening: imbibing? You'll feel better if you drink a glass of water along with that cocktail or glass of wine. (trust me, i know). Finally, keep a glass alongside your bed at night. I often wake with a massive thirst at about 1 am, it's nice to not have to walk across the house to the fridge to quench my thirst.

And why is water so hot anyway?
  • Kidneys need water to be filter waste
  • Want lovely skin? Drink water.
  • Want regular and enjoyable bowel movements? Drink water.
  • Want your muscles to work well and be less sore after exercise? Wash out the lactic acid with some water.
  • Water boosts energy and brain function - that brain is made out of a lot of water too and needs to stay hydrated to think properly
Don't wait until you feel thirsty to drink water - thirst indicates that you're already dehydrated! Don't overdo water though - if you're drinking massive amounts of water as well as sweating a ton, be sure and replace your electrolytes or salt intake.

Water, it does a body good. 

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