Thursday, September 30, 2010

What I'm Planting/ Pulling

Some photos from around the gardens and an update on what's going in, on and out.
My backyard has previously been home to a raucous husky and thus no gardens. My husband had a gourd arbor back there, fenced from the chickens and doggie. The doggie has sense past, the chickens still try and get in, and there's really not a whole heck of a lot of sun back there for veggies that can't climb up 9 feet. But i'm reclaiming it for my own and hope to grow at least some spindly food plants.
Beet seedling - victim of cutworm or snail.

6 pack of Green Comet Broccolis surrounded by a row of Early Wonder Beets and side dressed with compost

In the front yard i've pulled out a ton of lemon basil spreading its seed all over the place and just generally tidied things up a bit. Some cucumbers i planted mid season are producing now and lots of volunteer seedlings are springing up. I've started putting in seeds and transplants of the veggies i want to grow for winter adn will continue to pull as things die and plant new winter veggies as the season progresses. I will do my best to stuff as much plant matter into this little space as i can - if the snails leave it alone.

I may just get kale to grow from seed this year! Spring's attempt was thwarted repeatedly by snails.

I tried cabbage last year with the same end. I eat a LOT of cabbage and was really hoping to grow some of my own. The snails have other plans.

The curse of the cayenne has been lifted!

Volunteer leafy lettuce and dill baby

Tuscan kale from a seed i saved

Baby calendulas - destined for craft and soap making

The Dallas Red Lantana is just so pretty. I plan on propagating cuttings soon in tandem with pruning time

So that's what's going on over here. My to do list includes more soil amending, weed pulling and spot watering along with harvesting what comes along and successively planting as many seeds and transplants as i can stuff into this little space. On the docket:
  • Beets - Early Wonder and a baggie of mixed varieties
  • Carrots - i chose little round ones this season
  • Cauliflower and Broccoli via transplants - hoping to find Packman and Gypsy varieties
  • Kale from seed and later from transplants if i can find them/ if my seeds fail again
  • Lettuce and spinach - volunteer and planted all throughout the winter
  • Garlic from saved bulbs in the next few weeks
  • Separating and replanting multiplying onions to new bed in back that does not seem very happy at all
  • Thinning cilantro and dill seedlings as they inevitably present themselves
  • Prune shrubby perennials and start some cuttings
  • Wildflower seeds now - Thanksgiving
I may also pot up some of my pepper plants to get them through the winter. I tried covering last year and just made a mess of things. This year frost victims will simply make way for new seasonal crops.

What's in your garden tote this season?

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