Friday, September 3, 2010

A Very Happy Pondlet

I knew right away that the critters in my backyard would love my little pond. The fish inside seem happy with their reeds and mosquito babies to eat. The doves love to drink from and play in it. I've even seen squirrels reach in for a drink. Water is definitely a comodity not to be taken lightly around here. We've been lucky to be out of last Summer's awful drought - but it's still pretty darned hot and dry most of the time.

My yards are especially full of anoles and toads. Zillions of them can be found most times, especially right after i water the veggie garden. From tiny spec sized to big ole' foot sized, the gulf coast toads appreciate the habitat i've made for them unfettered with poisons. Unfortunately, my puppy likes to pounce on them and the hens will eat them if they can catch them, but they take full advantage of what my husband refers to 'toad spa.' Whenever he finds a lost toad that's fallen into a hole or bucket, he brings it to 'the spa' where it is sure to enjoy an evening bath like this guy is doing. I had no idea how intense the numbers of toads that frequent the spa really were until i perchanced to accompany the pup's pouncing efforts one night and found up to a dozen big ole' toads lounging about in the water, politely taking turns using the rock to get in and out.

This guy had the spa all to hisself.

I'm very happy that my little Summer project turned into such a happy hot spot for my friendly wild creatures. Now, if i could convince the pup to leave the toads alone, and to not fall in herself - things would be perfect.

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