Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Dress

Patterns? I don't need no stinking patterns! Probably would have gone more more smoothly if i'd had one though.
Two sheets, one 99 cents the other $3.99 - with plenty more left over for more dresses/skirts and other projects.
Here's my new little dress. Apologies for the REALLY crappy photos. My husband needs to clean his mirror.

It's a shorty, but covers the essential regions even in a graceful bend to tie the shoelaces or pick weeds - still, will probably require undergarments to stay within the parameters of society. Ha.

My seams are quite sturdy - a change from the clothes i made as a teenager, and i learned a lot from my mistakes and 'not so great' areas for next time. It's very light and shear. Not a ton of shape to it, but it fits rather flatteringly. Very comfortable and perfect for summer. Now i just need to buy some elastic thread so i can try out the shirring technique.

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