Friday, March 5, 2010

Sprouted Bread - Trial and Error

Well, that was a very satisfying breakfast, but i cna't say as the bread was an actual "success."

My friend Erin found this recipe the other day and i was intrigued. With whole grains selling for around $1 a pound and sprouted grain bread selling for closer to $4 a loaf - i too would like to try my hand at homemade sprouted grain bread. I put up some seeds to soak and in 3 days had this lovely jar'o seeds to work with:

The recipe was easy, and i will continue to play around with it, as it didn't actually work HA.
  • sprouted grains (recipe called for 2 cups, i have no idea how many i actually used since i didn't measure them before they sprouted) i used red winter wheat
  • nuts and seeds (recipe calls for all sorts of specific kinds i used:
    • hemp seeds
    • flax seeds - whole and ground
    • brazil nuts
    • almonds
    • dates
    • T applesauce
  • tsp salt
  • I added a pinch of baking soda for the heck of it

Blend that all together in a food processor and form a brick in a pan. Um, this brick is not even CLOSE to the size of the pan..... And it really never changed. Or cooked through. I baked for 2 hours on 225 and it was still squishy. I baked another half an hour, still soft inside. Perhaps the applesauce was too wet, perhaps the grains were sprouted a little too much. I dunno.
Even as toast this bread wouldn't hold together. Tastes good, mind you - but it's not exactly bread.

Do you have a better sprouted bread recipe/technique i should try next time?

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