Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Musing on Home Decor

The sun is shining, my sweater (or two or three) has been removed, and my sewing machine wants me to give him some attention.

A recent post of mine gave some examples of the Baby Name Wall Art that i do. I'm hoping to start working on some kids bedding ideas that can correspond with the art pieces and bring greater dimension to my work and to the loveliness of a child's nursery.

I have found some very cute pieces at this website, that is pretty reasonably priced and has some great decorating ideas. They even have some eco-friendly products available.

If you're looking to decorate your whole nursery, those links are really great resources for some fun stuff. I use the site to tap into their ideas, become more familiar with the market,  and brainstorm personalized items to coordinate with existing bedding and the art folks purchase from me = creativity catalysis.

The image above shows my first attempt at applique. I believe my husband said "I like how it looks roughly done" hmmmmm. I guess i have some practicing to do, haha. So i'll keep up the practice. I'm getting some good ideas. I welcome any ideas from you guys, or if you have purchased a baby name piece from me - let me know if you'd like to be a guinea pig for some matching bedding.  I made some herbal grain pillows this holiday season for myself and my MIL ( you heat them in the microwave and use as a relaxing heating pad ), so i think i will post a "how to" on those very soon, and practice decorating them with my fancy new stitches.

Do you have kiddos? What is your (or their) favorite bedding/decor item in their nursery/room?

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