Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cold Nights are Coming!

I use the term "cold" loosely - but the peppers and other tender plants certainly think low thirties/ high twenties is not their cup of tea.

So today i spent a bit of time pruning, piddling, and setting up bizarre structures over which i drape freeze cloth/ sheets/ random chunks of plastic sheeting.... depending on how cold it really gets.

I am NOT by any means doing a super great job of it - i am approaching my winter garden with a "we'll see what survives and what doesn't" mentality. It would be great if the eggplants came back next spring or stuck around all winter, but i won't mind if they freeze to death. Same goes for the bell peppers. The hot peppers, on the other hand, are destined for perennialness and have been covered... poorly. Ha, so we'll see how it all goes. I figure: may the best plant survive to thrive another season, all weaklings may recede.

Pretty garden with all sorts of volunteer marigolds, ridiculously growing back after being hacked to the ground eggplants, and pretty baby lettuces.

Lettuces, marigolds and kales, oh my!

Elephant garlic is getting BIG. Mulched with pecan shells from hours of pecan shelling.

Pulled the basil, planted more kale things, garlic is growing bigger and bigger.

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