Friday, November 20, 2009

The Co-Op is Live!

An Austin Homestead is ready to close up the circle of production. I have Kombucha, I don't have eggs yet, but will, and I have a desire to reach out to this great community and spread the love. You help me afford supplies and feed, you get good stuff, i get good stuff, the hens get good stuff, we all win!  Please invite any friends you know would be interested in buying locally and consuming high quality, fresh goodies.

You can request membership to my new Co-Op here, as well as via a link on the left side of this blog.

Bear with me while I work through the learning process and baby steps of a new entrepreneurial venture, but i think this will be a great step for my little urban homestead and a great way to give something back to my loyal friends.

Current availability : Plain Kombucha Tea 16 oz for $3, Flavored (with cinnamon and cloves, cranberries, or other requests) Kombucha 16 oz for $3, Bring your own jar and knock off a dollar.  Also, very soon Scobies to brew your own KT will be available on special request.

Co-Op members will be given a link to a spreadsheet with available items listed. You will simply enter the number of items you desire and subject to availability will be able to pick up said items most weekends (specific pick up/delivery specifics will be specified once i get a better sense of who and how many co-op members i rustle up)

Can't wait to hear from you!

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