Monday, August 17, 2009

Starting too deep, Catching up

The garden is in Summer heat meltdown, the chickens are almost 7 weeks old already, my first batch of cheese has already been attempted and successful, and Now i'm starting a new blog?? I know, i'm starting way late and i'll have to go back and catch up - but i'm interested enough in documenting my little homestead so i might as well start now even if it is a little too late.
Many photos are always to be found at That's where the majority of my life documentation exists, but hopefully i'll keep this space updated from now on.

I will attempt to fill in some gaps with these first postings - an overview of the chickens' progress (also to be seen in the flickr sets 'adventures with chickens' and 'before and after') and my first cheesemaking experience. I'll start garden things with the rebirth of the fall garden (hope hope hope) sometime soon.

Tiny egg sized chickens were purchased the first Thursday of July. We got married, came home, started a family. A fuzzy, meeping family.
They peeped. Peeped often. Peeped happily and distraughtly. Then they'd sleep. Sleep suddenly. Sleep hard and fast, on their faces, on each other, on my tummy.
Full chicken documentation is here.

They grow very vary fast and already it's hard to believe they were once tiny balls of fluff.
Soot: Australorp
Dotti (Donny): Silver Laced Wyandotte
Belina: Buff Orpington
BB: Partridge Chantecler
After only 1 month in their box in the house they graduated to the tractor outside, were hunted fiercely by the dog Tela, and slowly but surely figured out how to roost by themselves at night.

I made cheese. I used this recipe more or less using pasteurized cow milk. Next time i'll use fresh goat milk. In any case it turned out GREAT. yum yum yum.

okay, that is it for now.

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